How to format a write-protected/raw format flash drive

flash driveRecently many people are having problems with their flash drives while they are becoming write-protected & the file format raw. May be the problem is due to a virus. But the problem is a severe one. Few days ago flash drives had some tiny button for write-protection & withdraw them. But now-a-days they don’t have one. So it’s a very big problem if it doesn’t have such button. Some manufacturers like Transcend or Apacer provide their own tool to format such flash drives. But user of flash drives from other manufacturers face serious problem in formatting such flash drives. Recently got a flash drive from a friend that got write-protected & was in raw format. Manufacturer of the flash drive was Wintec Filemate. Seems I have searched the whole internet & could not find a cure. I mailed them & they replied me to ship the flash drive back to them so that they can replace the drive. How funny! I can buy a whole new flash drive with the expense of shipping that flash drive. That’s my story & thanks for reading it. Enough of the shits. Let’s talk business.

How to format:

Generally when manufacturers develop any tool, they ensure that the hardware the tool would be working on is their product. Found a online recovery tool from Transcend that doesn’t do that. As it is online, it still doesn’t. Don’t know it will work for indefinite time or not. You can download the tool from this link. Extract it & format your pendrive. Even it has option for recovery of data. the tool worked well for me. Let me know if it worked for you.

All hail altruism.