Want some specific pages from google books? sneak in…

May be you want some of the pages from a preview from Google Books. Yup, you have come to the right place. There are so many posts in the internet about how to download books from Google books. But they all are about downloading the whole book. But what if you need some of the pages for your tomorrow’s exam? Then there is no solution. Since I have faced the same problem, I have come up with a solution. The process is a little bit tricky though. But rather than downloading the whole book with tedious techniques, I think it is worth a try.


You would need Firefox & an add-on Image Download II. Sorry for not discussing Chrome, But when you understand the process, you can apply this for your favorite browser too.

The cheating:

Step 1: Go to the preview of the book. Go through 3 pages at a time. Wait until the pages load. Why? Will answer it later on.

Step 2: If you have installed the add-on there is a button of the add-on somewhere in your address bar. Hit it & save in a directory in your hard disk drive you want to save. Give the images a unique & sequential number. So that you can easily recognize them.

Step 3: Repeat the steps for the pages you need.

Finally as now you have the pages, you can read them from there. You can also make a pdf from them if you want to print or easy handling. User Foxit Phantom or chose any of these online tools.

Answer to the question: Google Books render only 3 pages at a time. So you have to do this for every 3 pages.